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诚信汽车 - ENA Motors Inc 是持有加州专业执照的汽车代理商(License # 85620)。经营日、德、韩及其他各大主流品牌新车,范围涉及普通车、豪华车和顶级豪华车。公司提供免费咨询服务,为您量身打造最适合您的汽车选择。批发价格,为您省时、省钱,不再为和 dealerships 交涉而烦恼。公司同时开设高价收购二手车业务,为您拿到新车的同时帮您处理旧车,真正做到一站式服务。另设有专门针对留学生、新移民、无信用者打造的特别贷款计划,欢迎来电咨询626-400-5277。

ENA Motors Inc. is a California licensed auto broker company. Our job is to represent you to negotiate with dealers, save your time, and get you the best possible price during the buying process. Our business covers all kinds of new cars, ranges from regular cars to luxury cars even exotic cars. We also offer a special loan program for international students, new immigrants, and people who have no credit. Welcome to inquire. We provide Free services.

公司地址:9616 Valley Blvd. Rosemead, CA 91770
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